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    In Water has been guiding customers to choose the very best in floral design since 2000, and in many cases, installing their creations in people's homes and offices. They took it to the next level with opening a new design studio in Pacific Heights, which is unlike any flower store you've seen before. In Water on Fillmore Street offers something a little different. For starters, it doesn't look like a shop, more like a design gallery filled with unique floral creations. The temptation to fill the place with flowers and plants was intentionally avoided, so that the designs that In Water does have, will be appreciated.

    You'll find exotic tropical flowers, South American roses, Dutch tulips, New Zealand foliage, orchids from the Pacific and a very warm welcome from In Water staff. You will also, of course, find some of the finest innovations in modern floristry.

    Here is what Andrei Abramov and Natasha Tchesnokova, In Water's founders and owners, have to say about the work that they do:

    When I meet a client for the first time...
    I always try to establish personal contact, says Natasha. My degree in Psychology helped me learn to listen to people. I try to listen to what they have to say about their preferences, ideas, and concepts. Then, I take charge. I think it is important to take control in the areas where I am an expert.

    Clients can make the flower design process go more smoothly by...
    Putting trust in our work, says Andrei. If they've seen the work that we have done in the past, they should rely on our taste in flowers and expertise.

    For someone who wants a big look for a small budget today...
    We recommend going with designers' choice, Andrei continues . Flowers are very unpredictable. We can't guarantee a certain type of flower on a certain day for a small budget, especially now, with Global Warming, where all the seasons have shifted. But if the client is willing to be spontaneous, we can certainly fit any kind of budget.

    My biggest mistake in wedding work...
    To promise particular types of flowers and not being able to get them. Flower delivery does not always depend on us. So now I have my clients have the second choice for flowers. We create a certain wedding look that can be achieved with both choices.

    My favorite part of wedding preparation...
    When I design wedding flowers, I look at the whole picture and the atmosphere our flowers would create. So, sometimes the bridal bouquet would inspire me, other times wedding centerpieces, yet other times ceremony flowers. Thus, no favorites.

    What are your rules in designing flowers...
    Breaking the rules. Always be on time. Always deliver what was promised.

    What or who inspires you the most...
    Our travels. We've traveled extensively throughout the world and have visited numerous flower shows, flower shops and floral studios. Our work has a lot of European influence, although most inspiration comes from within.

    How often do you design flowers for your home...
    Very seldom. Andrei says they remind him of work. We would put a vase full of peonies or lilac once in a while. It reminds us of Russia.
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    What Our Clients Say

    The most talented work I have ever seen. Your glamorous, unbelievably beautiful and extravagant arrangements were the topic of many conversations at the party. Cannot wait to work with you again.

    Larry Fox and Mitchell Carlson
    San Francisco

    Thank you to you and In Water for all your work. The beautiful floral arrangements helped to set a magical atmosphere for our wedding day.

    Ben and Pang
    San Francisco

    Dear Natasha and Andrei, thank you so very much for all the great work you do for our hotel guests. We are really pleased with the quality of work and service that you provide us with. Thanks for your flexibility and perfection.

    Alan Weiss
    San Francisco Marriott

    Thank you very much for doing flowers at our Chic Summer Soiree Event. They were absolutely perfect! So many guests commented on them in a way I've never heard before. The event was an enormous success and we loved working with you.

    Jody and Karen, Soiree Event
    San Francisco

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