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    Match The Beauty of The Bride

    Wow! Your flower artistry was a massive hit at our wedding. I was so thrilled and in love with every arrangement. The bamboo was so fantastic and it really set the room off. My bouquet was so lovely, everything was truly perfect and I can't thank you enough. It's exactly what I wanted.

    We received so many compliments on the water filled hurricanes. I have my bouquet home in water and also the extra bigger arrangement we added towards the end. They are so beautiful. Why can't they last forever?? How did I get so lucky to find you and In Water?? I pained me to have all the cymbidium orchids go away. If we weren't going on a honeymoon I would've kept them all.

    I won't be able to recommend you enough! Ok, I'll stop gushing now.

    Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment for wedding floral design consultation.

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